Enterprise strength

1. The company has more than 100 certificates since its establishment, and is committed to in-depth research and development of solar street lights to create a strong and stable brand.

2. The company has a senior solar street lamp R & D team, the backbone of research and development are more than 10 years of solar industry experience, the product is highly efficient and innovative, to ensure the uniqueness and professionalism of the products on the market.

3. The company has dozens of elite sales teams within and outside the country, and has a strong sales lineup, laying a solid foundation for the establishment of the Century Sunshine brand in the world.

4. Office and production in one, the company scale of over 5,000 square meters, providing a strong escort for product research and development innovation and mass production.

5. The company has a complete experimental and inspection system. It has precise control for incoming materials, materials selection, materials and production, as well as testing. It ensures that every link is very strict and ensures high quality standards.

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